I am looking for a cashback type plugin for an affiliate website / Я ищу плагин типа Cashback для партнерского сайта

Бюджет: 10 000 Р

Hello everyone and sorry for my English message (I'm not a native Russian speaker)

I am a very structured type of person, so you will find all the details perfectly described in my request bellow. Looking forward to a nice collaboration. If interested, please leave a message.

Conditions I (user must be logged in/register an account)

  1. User account must have a section - Cashback - with the following subsections:

    1.1. Cashback details: user submits personal details for bank transfer

    1.2. History: where the plugin collects user clicks and if they generated revenue or not

    a) Wallet - in the top part, before the "History" table, show user the total amount collected in cashbacks and one user action:

    1.2.1 Request funds - after user click, show message ("Lorem Ipsum")

    b) Click history - a responsive table with the following columns:

    1.2.2 Product name - the name of the product that the user bought (clicked on)

    1.2.3 Status - the status of the cashback process: the selected status (see 2.1.1.) or by default - Pending

    1.2.4 Date - the date and hour of the click

  2. In Admin, must have a section - User Cashbacks - with the following functionality:

    2.1 User Actions - A query able table where all clicks are registered with headers:

    Status - the selected status (see 2.1.1.) or by default - Pending
    Page URL - where the user clicked
    Link redirect - the URL the user got redirected to
    User IP - collect the user's IP address
    Date - the date and time the user clicked
    User name - the user's name and last name
    Sum - the value of the cashback
    Actions - the last column will contain these actions:

    2.1.1 - Change status: the admin can select from 4 statuses (Pending, Waiting Confirmation, Confirmed, Rejected)

    2.1.2 - Pay User - action that will add the cashback value to the user wallet

    2.2. Payments status - A table where all payment actions are collected when Admin clicks on 2.1.2.

    Date - the date when the payment was approved
    User name/email - the full name of the user / email address
    Value - value of the paid cashback
    Wallet total - total value of the user's wallet

    2.3. Cashbacks - A table where all the cashback requests are collected. Columns:

    a) Request Date/ Status - show the date the user requested a cash out (1.2.1) and, if not changed to "Transfered" (when 2.3.4), the status is "Pending"
    b) User Details - Full name of user with e-mail address and phone number if existing
    c) Transfer Details - Collect data from 1.1
    d) Admin Actions:

    2.3.4 - Confirm transfer - after confirming transfer, reset the user wallet to value 0.

Conditions II (if user is not logged in, show modal with custom message and register button. The modal will auto redirect in 5 seconds, to the affiliate link, if the register button is not clicked)

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